It’s Official

“Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt!” That’s a typical saying from where I originally come from (Manchester, England) and it’s perfect for this post. I’m sure you get the gist even if you’ve never heard it before. Well, in this case it’s very apt as the year 6’s aren’t just year 6 in name, they’ve now got the leavers tee-shirt to prove it and they look great. Check out the photo of Callum, Malleiah, Imani and Maddox.

A Much Needed Breather

Anyone who watches this blog will have noticed that it went quiet for the last couple of weeks. There’s a very good reason for that – we were on holiday! That’s not to say that this is the natural order of things, in fact it’s very different from the way I’ve done things in the past. Previously I’ve taken my work home with me to such an extent that I never really had a break. However, this isn’t really a sustainable way to live, even to exist, so I chose to make a change. At the beginning of every break the principal would always tell the staff to go home, relax and do no work. “Yeah,” I thought, “that doesn’t really work.” But he was right! Turns out he always has been. I feel much more refreshed coming back from the break, even if I do have the usual teacher thing of the nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I haven’t really done enough and I’m now behind. Still, it was worth it. But here we are, at the start of a new term, so I’m right back into it. The kids are hard at work and having fun (which always helps) and so am I. Check out these photos of us doing Meccano, a subject heavy in collaboration, social growth, language, reading, problem solving, coding…

Blogging Task #2

Easter holidays, Girls’ Brigade, Ready Player One, iPad art, Immigration, these are just some of the incredible topics the students from LA14 have been writing about. It’s been a fascinating few weeks reading the students’ posts, but now it’s time to get down to the more serious side of our blogging – the Blogging Tasks. Our second task is a bit of fun and gives a little direction to those bloggers beginning to run short of ideas.

Some song lyrics, for whatever reason, strike a chord in our minds and end up having an impact, or at least stay in our memory. This line from Big Country’s hit In A Big Country has always stayed in my mind:

“I’m not expecting to grow flowers in the desert,

But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime.”

I’ve never been a particular fan of their music, but when I first heard these lines they just made such an impact that they’re still in my mind. Maybe it was because they convey a message that I can totally relate to, almost like a personal philosophy, one in which we need to appreciate the everyday riches in our lives rather than striving for something unattainable or unreal. Other songs have stuck too, but these lyrics are more meaningful than most. The task for LA14 this time is to tell the world about a song or some lines from a song that, for whatever reason, have stayed with you. What are the words? What do they mean to you?

This task is also open to any parents who wish to share their favourite lyrics or meaningful song.

I look forward to your completed tasks

Easter Break

Some of the best posts are the ones written about what we do in our spare time or on holidays. Well, the students this time have put me to shame as they’ve been blogging like crazy about their Easter break. So this post is a little about my own Easter break.

I had an awesome time catching up with my brother and his family for his birthday up in the hills. They’ve got a beautiful place overlooking the countryside and we had a fun, relaxing time. I also went to the new Perth Stadium to watch Fremantle Dockers win their first home game of the new season. Finally, I fitted a new green soft top to my beloved MGF. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was (it took me 2 days), but the result is worth it. Check out my pics below. While you’re here, have a look at these awesome holiday blogs: Emily, Isabelle, Kori, Louise, Imani, Tahlia.


Perth Stadium

The Fall of Rome

Well, boy oh boy (or girl oh girl), do we have a challenge?! Mrs Engleright, a Social Studies teacher from Colorado, has invited us to comment on her students’ blog posts on the topic of the fall of Rome. I’ve already had a little peep and the standards are impressively high. This means we’ll have to be at our very best with our reading and our writing if we’re to add comments for them to read. It’s a big challenge, so, “Can we do it? Of course we can – I hope!”

More Super Bloggers

I can honestly say that some of my students have blown me away with their blogging. One reason may be that, for the first time ever, I’ve had students coming into my class who had a blog during their previous year. Not only have they completed their first blogging task, but they’ve also been keeping me up to date with their busy, busy lives. Some to check out are: Dorian, our very own gamer blogger, well worth a read if you’re into gaming; Tahlia, our most prolific poster who has a wonderful style to her writing; and Isabelle, whose incredibly busy life will have you feeling tired just reading about it. Have a read and leave them a friendly comment.

Blogging Task #1

Now the practice is over it’s time to get down to some serious work. We’ve been tidying our blogs, setting up posts and commenting on each others’ blogs so we should be ready to start looking further afield; in this case, further afield is Canada! I want you to take a look at Mr Ewert’s blog and scroll down to find his students. Pick one or two of the students, read their posts and leave a comment. We must remember to use all our commenting rules and skills: we must use the appropriate salutation (say Hi…); we must check that we’ve used complete, well written sentences; we must use manners and polite language; we must be positive and never criticise; we must write more than one line and relate the comment to the post. If you’re unsure, check with me first. Let’s spread our wings and start flying around the world (is that too cheesy?)!

Binary Bracelets

If I was to say 01000011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 you probably wouldn’t know what I was talking about, although I think I’d be more worried if you did, to be honest. Well, I just wrote my name – in binary code. Binary is the basic language of computers and we’ve been looking at it in class. We started by making pictures of our names in binary on Google Drawings, but then we got really creative. We got out the beads, grabbed some elasticated stringy stuff and made some brilliant, binary bracelets. Frustratingly (or humorously, depending on your perspective), a few students had some mishaps and their beads slid off – several times. However, with some plucky persistence we managed to finish (well some did) as you can see in the images below.




Just Bowled Over

Last Friday some of us had a day out. This, though, wasn’t any ordinary day out, it was the local inter-school cricket tournament. We have an incredible record in cricket, especially considering one of our girls’ teams once beat everyone else in Western Australia and represented the state at the famous MCG in Melbourne. This tournament was the first step in our cricket journey this year and, true to form, the students did themselves proud. We excelled our expectations with two of the girls teams winning the A and B divisions and the boys winning their A division. It was a fabulous day and we have to thank our awesome Sports teacher, Mr Jones, for all his time and effort. Check out Maddox below as he fires in another demon ball.


You-beaut Bloggers

It may sound like a big claim but blogging is one of the very best activities I’ve ever introduced into a classroom. From practicing online safety and copyright to developing creativity and improving reading and writing skills, blogging is an incredible tool for any teacher. It also allows students to develop ICT skills and explore wider social interaction, especially when we communicate with others around the world. The students in LA14 are up and running with their own blogs and some have taken to it like ducks to water. If you want to see, have a look at Emily’s blog (scroll down to hear her amazing podcast) and Tahlia’s, they’re both amazing!