Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On Podcasts are an excellent way of mixing education and fun together. I recently came across this one which, I have to admit, had me listening for longer than I really wanted. The podcast is called Kid Friday and can be accessed through iTunes. The mix of information and humour is excellent and I managed to learn a few tech tipes as well. The podcast is updated weekly and is well worth a listen. Click here to be taken to the podcast via iTunes. You can access the back editions from there, too, just scroll down and choose the episode you wish to listen to. I listened to the latest, dated the 28/6/12.

Image attribution: Colleen AF Venable

Calling Parents!

Now we are all up and running with our blogs I think it would be a good time to get the parents involved. Parents can get involved with our blogs in four ways: they can comment on a post on your blog, comment on a post on the class blog, write a post on your blog, or write a post to publish on the class blog. If your parents wish to publish a post on the class blog they can write it on the Contact Me page and send it to me. Of course, we are quite experienced in blogging now, so we’ll have to pass on our knowledge of how to blog, and the correct way to write a post or a comment on a blog (while keeping within our online safety rules). Pass this on and let’s see if we can get our parents blogging.

Blogging Task #5

Now we are over all our recent technical problems we can get right back into it. During our English rotations each group must make sure that every member has at least one post and some work on their School Work page. If everyone does, then partner up and co-edit someone else’s post. If that has been done then have a read of some of the blogs linked to my blog and leave a polite comment on one (be aware, though, that the schools in the northern hemisphere are about to start their long break). If you are from the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) see if your old school has a blog and leave a comment on it.

Well Done!

Well done to Tahlia, Jasmine, Bradley, Lauren and Lolly who have made an impressive effort to update their blogs. The Edublogs App is now available for the iPhone, so you can now post on the go!

Blogging Challenge #4

As we are unable to use the computers at school for a week or two, due to the new servers being installed, this challenge will have to be completed from home. Your task is to create a line symmetry shape during our rotations and take a photo. We can use my computer to download this to your flash drive then you can take it home and upload it onto the Home page (where you make your posts) rather than the School Work page of your blog – with a short write-up, of course.


This one is more for your parents, or even other teachers, but have a read if you want and let me know what you think. Is homework useful? Make your own mind up after reading this paper by Alfie Kohn.


We had a comment from Georgie at Penbank School. The school sounds really different and interesting. Have a look and leave a polite comment if you wish (there’s one about horses Lolly!).