Well Done!

Well done to Tahlia, Jasmine, Bradley, Lauren and Lolly who have made an impressive effort to update their blogs. The Edublogs App is now available for the iPhone, so you can now post on the go!

Blogging Challenge #4

As we are unable to use the computers at school for a week or two, due to the new servers being installed, this challenge will have to be completed from home. Your task is to create a line symmetry shape during our rotations and take a photo. We can use my computer to download this to your flash drive then you can take it home and upload it onto the Home page (where you make your posts) rather than theΒ School Work page of your blog – with a short write-up, of course.


This one is more for your parents, or even other teachers, but have a read if you want and let me know what you think. Is homework useful? Make your own mind up after reading this paper by Alfie Kohn.


We had a comment from Georgie at Penbank School. The school sounds really different and interesting. Have a look and leave a polite comment if you wish (there’s one about horses Lolly!).

Blogging Challenge #3

This time it’s all about tidying up. We all need to cooperate and collaborate to help each other reach the same stage with our blogs. By now we should all have a stable theme with a copyright free header and background. We should also have 3 extra pages: About Me, Glogs and School Work. You may have other pages but ask me first. Widgets are next. You should at least have Pages, Recent Posts, Clustr Map and Text; the Text widget should have a personal introduction. Finally, your blog needs recent content on all of the pages and you should post a comment on at least 3 other blogs (not just your close friends’ blogs). If you’ve done all this then search out someone who hasn’t and work with them til they are up to date. Deadline – THIS WEEK! As an extra, those who finish need to find a blog from overseas and post a polite comment, but again, check with me that the blog is ok to post a comment on.Β Β  πŸ™‚

Games In Education?

The idea that games can be used for education is growing quite rapidly. Watch this video and perhaps post your thoughts. It may sound complicated at times, but it only goes for 15 minutes, so stick with it.

This Ted Talk was given by John Riccitiello and can be found here.

Well Done!

It’s great to see how well some of the LA19 students are doing with their blogs. Well done to Jasmine, Tahlia, Dom and Tennille who are constantly updating their blogs with interesting topics. Also, well done to Tahlia and Mason who went to the effort of getting creative with the camera to make their blogs look amazing. Great work!

LA19 Blogging Challenge # 2

Last week’s challenge was very impressive, so impressive I thought we could manage another one. This week we will be concentrating on our backgrounds or headers (those who have them). You will need to get creative with a camera. Take a creative photo and use it to enhance and personalise your background or header; if you need any help with this just ask. For the second part you have a choice. Your first option is to think of a song that has meaning for you. Write about why the song is important, what it means to you, how it makes you feel, what memory it brings back… The other option is to embed a short Youtube clip about a sporting event (AFL, Soccer…) and write a short post about it (don’t forget the attribution). If last week is anything to go by I’m expecting great things