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This term the students have been developing their research skills through a project on Australian Banknotes. The topic was chosen because it lends itself to several levels and aspects of research. It’s interesting once you start looking closely at your national currency just how much there is to find out. There are the obvious faces, but there are also many images which are in the designs that we never get to see unless we take a really close look. There are also many security features on the notes that we just assume are part of a fancy pattern. The students learned to find simple factual information and also how to research the historical figures used on the notes in detail. The project showed us the type of people are regarded as being respected enough to be included as national representatives on the Australian currency.

We had some very good projects and some of the students learned just how tricky it can be to complete a whole research task to a high standard.

Facts on the $20 & $50

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  1. Dear Mr Hope,
    Thank you very much for putting my banknote project, on your blog. You are truly the BEST teacher in the WORLD!!!!!
    From, Monika! 🙂

  2. Mr Hope, also, the Australian Banknotes project is a very smart and GREAT idea to put on your blog!
    From, Monika

  3. Dear Mr Hope, Good idea to put our project on your Blog.

  4. Dear Mr.Hope, I am very grateful for my child Pharyn, to be in your wonderful class. Pharyn enjoyed that project very much. Thank you, Marcelle and Andrew.

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