Blogging Task #9

Well, LA19, here it is, the long awaited and much requested new task.

Lately we’ve been learning about the lives of several families through the 20th century. We’ve been working backwards from 2008, decade by decade, learning about the lives and issues of Australians of the times. Amongst other things we’ve seen some fabulous 80s fashions, listened to the music and looked at the great “Top Trumps” card collections. The task for you this week is to ask your parents about a special toy, game or possession from their past. See if you can find a photo of this cherished object (remember our fair use image rules) or perhaps even do a little research on it. Even better would be a short write-up from your parents themselves to describe their own special memory. Maybe they even had one of these toys below! Do your parents remember them or are they too young?

Space HopperMaster_System_IIExif_JPEG_PICTURE

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  1. Mr.Hope. Done Blogging Task #9, Blogging Task #10 please.

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