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The students have recently been working flat out on a number of great topics, especially the My Place work already mentioned on this blog. However, I thought I’d show some work from two other topics we’ve been busy with. One of these topics was in our Health area and focused on acne. The students are about to literally burst forth with all the joys of acne, pimples and zits as they fast approach their teenage years. This topic was very apt and timely, with some good information and advice.

Another topic was based on our mini project and required the students to investigate their family tree. I have to say that I’ve had some amazing projects handed in with heaps of great information. The students had to ask parents questions about family migrations and the reasons their family migrated to Australia. This included the problems they had in their home country and the difficulties they encountered as they tried to migrate. The whole project tied in nicely with the emerging Australian Curriculum which requires students to research reasons people migrated to Australia. Who better to research than their own family? Enjoy the photos below.

Oriyah's Family Tree

Oriyah’s Family Tree


Ronan's Poster

Ronan’s Poster

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