Holidays – The End of Term 3

It’s always difficult to keep a blog going during the holidays; the absence of anything school related and the obvious necessity to allow ourselves to wind down for a short while makes finding topics to blog about that much harder. However, as all teachers, I don’t have it all my own way this holiday. I have books to mark, new topics to research and programmes to prepare for what will be mine and this group of students’ last 10 weeks together. I have managed to look into some of the Apps that can be accessed from Edmodo (which we use in the classroom) and am looking forward to discussing these with the admin.

Some of the students have managed to keep posting, though. Georgia has told us all about her One Direction concert and her (and Tiana’s) amazing idea for a new app. Tiana (with Pharyn) managed to post on her way to see One Direction. She also told us a little more about her (and Georgia’s) ideas for a new app. Holly had a great camping holiday and a special birthday out shopping. Eesha had a fun sleepover building a cubby (haven’t we all done that!) and can tell you all about her amazing Indian dress. Michael has reviewed the new PS4 console.

It’s great to see students continuing with their posts whilst on holiday. They’re a great example to everyone, not least to me!

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  1. Mr. Hope, Thank you for commenting on the PS4 console.

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