New Art

When we return to school next week we’ll carry on creating our newest works of art. They’re pretty big and are created in several stages. We first take a photo of ourselves, then we use Gimp to make a few changes in order to emphasise the light and dark side of the face. Following that we use the projector and whiteboard to trace around the image with a pencil. Before we paint in the black areas we choose some descriptive words to reflect our personality, then we paint in the necessary areas. To finish the art we contrast the background by using bright colours and patterns. The final effect is pretty impressive. Below is an example we created of our fabulous Art teacher.


3 thoughts on “New Art

  1. Looking forward to seeing the students work Mr Hope. What size are they going to make them? Perhaps they could also be displayed as a part of the art exhibition this year?

  2. Great idea! It’s taking quite a while, but hopefully by week two we’ll all be ready to start painting.

  3. As Picasso once said… you can never rush good art 😉

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