New Year, New Students

It’s still amazes me how the six week summer holiday seems so long when we start it, but it always feels like it’s disappeared too quickly by the end. However, that’s not to say that I’m disappointed to be returning to school for a new year with my new class. Well, I say “new class”, but I do have some students that I had last year so there will be quite a few familiar faces. The reason for this is that while the students moved up a year so did I. This year my class are year 7s, the last time this will occur in Western Australia as we move into line with the rest of the country where primary years only go to 6. This will be their last year with us before they graduate to high school so let’s hope it’s a successful and enjoyable one.

Good luck to all the students and staff (and myself) for 2014 and I’ll see you all Monday.

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