Great Start

The start to 2014 has gone so smoothly it almost seems that we haven’t been away. The new students have come together easily, partly because they already know each other in some way, but also because they’re actually just a decent bunch of young people. They will soon be getting their new blogs, but first they have to complete the initial work to ensure they are ready to face the world in a safe and stylish manner.

The first thing the students will do to prepare them for blogging will be to look at the blogs of other students around the world to figure out what actually makes a good blog. They’ll look at layout, colours, images, posts, in fact everything that makes a blog interesting and fun. Then they’ll have to demonstrate their understanding of safe blogging and the all important copyright issues. Once all this has been done we’ll be ready to go. Knowing the calibre of the students in LA19 this year I reckon we’ll have some fabulous bloggers in 2014.

One thought on “Great Start

  1. Mr. It looks like it’s worth it looking at the previous blogs.

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