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Well, all I can say is, “Wow!” Some of the new bloggers have gone as crazy as a bunch of tweenies at a 1D concert. I was actually going to make this post a “Blog of the Week” post, but it became simply too hard trying to choose just one. Instead I want to give a thoroughly deserved “Well Done” to several bloggers in LA19.

Bursting out of the starting blocks like a jet propelled Usain Bolt have been Aimee, Demi, Sarah and Kianne. These bloggers will transport you to a fascinating world filled with hobbies, family life, pets, political issues and heaps of fun. Not only have these beginners shown great enthusiasm, but they’ve also demonstrated impressive maturity through their adherence to our very strict blogging guides and rules (which can be read via the page link right).

However, I also have to mention a few of our bloggers from last year (in my class for another year, lucky them). Georgia is still going strong, blowing away all my records, constantly updating and regularly getting more visits than myself (I think I’m pleased…). But, as equally impressive have been Benn, Jackson and Michael. These students have risen to the new challenge and are really making a great effort to update their blogs. Well done!

Please remember, the students are just that – students. They make mistakes, learn then pick themselves up to be better the next time. Your patience, understanding and encouragements are appreciated.

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  1. Hi Mr Hope! I was with Lauren yesterday and we were talking about 2012 and how we did all the blogs in your class so I though I would have a look at how they are going and it seems like your class is really enjoying them :). They have some really great posts and some of them have got so many visitor! It’s great to see that your still doing the blogs because I remember when I did them it was really fun. Please tell your class that I think that are doing a great job and that they have some really mature and interesting posts 🙂

  2. Tennille, thanks for checking out the blogs and leaving a comment, it was great to hear from you. Your group were the first to blog at Hocking and if you hadn’t done such a great job it probably wouldn’t still be going now. I’m glad that you and Lozza are still in touch, sometimes friendships often split up when they leave primary school. I hope things are going well for you at high school. Good luck. 🙂

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