iPad Art

This particular art activity took a lot of time and effort to prepare, but I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort. Each student had to take around 30 photo’s of themselves before cropping them, copying some and and creating a collage for the background to the finished product. They then used the Brushes app on the iPads to create these stunning images. These are just a few, but the students are in the process of putting their own images on their blogs so you may find more there, check them out. Click on the images to see a full size version.




6 thoughts on “iPad Art

  1. Mr hope do we put the picture from the usb from it to my blog plzzzzzzzz answer.

  2. Long, yes you do. When you’ve written a post, click on the “Add Media” button above where you typed your writing. You’ll need to choose “Upload Media” and navigate to your picture. Good luck!

  3. Thanks!!!!!!!! Mr Hope i done it plzzzzzzzzzz
    Check it out CYA!!!!!

  4. Mr Hope. I absolutely love the art work, It is very clever how you and the class have put it all together!

  5. Nicky, so glad you like them. The results are great, but the work that went into getting them done was huge. Each student had to have around 30 photo’s, then we had to download Picassa to create the collages and save them all to the school network. If it hadn’t worked I would have been one seriously annoyed teacher.

    Chris Hope

  6. I am glad it worked out so well! It took time but patience was the key to this puzzle!!!!!

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