TARDIS Holiday Project

So far my school holiday has been notable mostly for being the time I caught a dreadful strain of the flu. We had a short, three day break in Yallingup (which I’m sure is one of the coldest and wettest places on Earth) which I didn’t enjoy due to my racking cough and bouts of high temperature. It seems that colds and flus hold off for teachers until the term is over, then they strike! Apart from that I’ve spent my time productively, building a TARDIS DVD cabinet. It isn’t finished yet, but I thought I’d post a picture of what it looks like so far. As my woodworking skills are particularly amateur it’s taking me quite a while and has resulted in a number of fingers finding out just how sharp saws can be. I now need to get the signs, one of which I ordered from that amazing site Etsy, and try and match the colour. I’ll post again as the project moves further ahead.


6 thoughts on “TARDIS Holiday Project

  1. Hi Mr Hope,
    I hope you’re feeling better so you can enjoy what’s left of the holidays. The hard work you must have put into making your Tardis DVD cabinet has definitely paid off so far. It’s looking great and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.

  2. Aimee, thanks for your nice words. I’m starting to feel better, but “Man Flu” can be a terrible thing! As for the DVD cabinet, it’s now all painted and ready to put together. Have you ever started something that got so complicated you wish you hadn’t bothered? Well, the cabinet is a little like that at the moment, but I’ll post some more photos when it’s done.

  3. Hi mr hope it’s me liam from last year just wanted to say hi and how cool ur DVD tardis cabinet is bye. Liam

  4. Liam, great to hear from you! How are things for you and your mum and Jade at Ellenbrook? I hope you’ve settled in well and made some new friends and that your mum is enjoying her new position. I will say “Hi” to the others for you. Good luck for term 3!

  5. wow that looks amazing you should by something about when you opening it, it has her screaching sound or somebody saying ” Its bigger on the inside!”

  6. Overall i think it is amazing that you could start it with a flu!

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