TARDIS Holiday Project Part 2

Seeing as I try to encourage my students to write posts about the things they’ve been doing I thought I set an example by doing the same (for a change). If you’ve visited this blog over the last few weeks you may recall a post where I explained how I was trying to build myself a DVD cabinet in the shape of a TARDIS from the TV series Doctor Who (scroll down to read it). Well, the project has moved on and, whilst not completely finished, I thought I’d post an update. To be honest, the final part will be the light which goes on top of the cabinet and as I’ve no idea how I’m going to make it I thought I’d better post now as it could be a long, long time ’til this gets done. The photo is below and an image of the version I modelled mine on can be found on this site (scroll down a tiny bit). Hope you like it.



3 thoughts on “TARDIS Holiday Project Part 2

  1. Mr Hope,
    The TARDIS looks cool! Imagine the reaction my brother would’ve had if he saw the TARDIS that you have created.



  2. Thanks, Caitlin. I actually surprised myself – I didn’t think it would turn out so well!

  3. It looks exactly like the real thing! Hope you finish soon so we get to see the final product!! 😉

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