Always Learning

Term four has seen everyone in LA19 learning together and planning for the future. When I say “everyone”, I mean just that – myself as well as the students. Education is such an ever changing environment that we as teachers must be prepared to stay up to date and evolve wherever necessary. By doing this, not only do we learn new skills, but we ensure we put ourselves in the best position to deliver the skills and understandings for the future of our students.

In LA19 we’ve been enjoying getting to grips with Lighbot and I Can Animate, two great apps on our iPads. Lightbot is a fabulous way to introduce the concept of coding through problem solving and understanding processes. I Can Animate is another great app that caters to the creative side of the students, allowing them to create stop motion animations. The students have to plan out the whole process in sequence, prepare their models (where necessary) and carry out filming. There are a huge number of problems to overcome and the process is quite time consuming, but the results are already impressive.

With technology becoming a major part of our lives we owe it to ourselves as teachers and to the students in our care to evolve with the times. To be honest, it’s all so much fun you’d be mad not to try!

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