This week we tackled some of the most complex topics ever and had an incredible time doing it. Our studies of My Place introduced us to the topic of the Vietnam War. If that wasn’t complex enough, we first had to develop an understanding of the differences between communism and capitalism and the political conflicts that led to the escalation of the war. I’d have to admit that when I introduced the discussion I wasn’t sure how it would go or how the students would react. However, I needn’t have worried – the students were eager to learn and they fuelled the most engaged and lively classroom discussion I’ve ever participated in. For a teacher, there’s nothing more rewarding (yes, we’re easily pleased). A surprising bonus were the parents who spoke to me the following day to say how their child went home and continued the discussion with them. Even Better!

There were no photos for this activity, so I’ve been a little self-indulgent and below is an old one of me stepping into one of the tunnels used during the Vietnam War.


3 thoughts on “Politics

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  2. In HASS class, we are learning about WW1, and it’s really interesting too! I love learning about the war because it says so much about countries and the techniques used are very smart.


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