A Great Weekend

I think one of the best ways to create an interesting blog is to vary the topics you write about. I’m always telling my students this and encouraging them to write about things they do at home and on the weekend, but I very rarely take my own advice. Well, I had such a great weekend that, for once, I thought I’d write a post about it.

Saturday was an awesome day which we spent in Fremantle, having dinner, shopping and waving my daughters off on a three day cruise. However, even better was to come on Sunday as Mr Bakreski (a fellow teacher) and I took a trip to Gingin to visit the British car show. Having grown up in England and having worked on cars for a few years this show was a fabulous, nostalgic treat. We had an awesome day and I took quite a few pictures of the high quality vehicles on show. See if you (or your parents) recognise any.

IMG_1450 (1)








2 thoughts on “A Great Weekend

  1. That’s so cool! All the cars look awesome I wish I could have goon I wonder if my dad could tell me the names of any of the cars?

  2. Denae, it was an awesome day. It would be great to see if anyone can name the cars.

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