Blogging Task #5

Watch this short video from BTN which is all about “Web Secrets” and tell me in at least two substantial paragraphs what you think. Do you do anything that your parents don’t know about? How much would you be happy with your parents seeing? Why do you think parents want to check what you do? You can answer all these questions (and more) and give reasons for your opinions and answers. What do you think most kids opinions are on web privacy and what are some of the things they get up to? What are parents’ opinions? Remember, parents have been around long enough to have experienced consequences of the actions they made as kids – you have not, you still haven’t experienced the full force of some really bad decisions (and you may not for years). So, who knows best?

One thought on “Blogging Task #5

  1. Hello Mr Hope! This blogging task really made me think! But honestly I think all parents should have the responsibility to check out what your doing on your phone, iPad, and computer. I think this because for your safety, your responsibility, your social and not doing inappropriate things. First with your safety, I thinks parents should look at what your doing on your device to see who you are talking to, and what websites your going on. This person that your talking to could be a stranger. They could tell you your detail, like where you live. I think also your parents should look what you have been doing on your device and what apps you’re going on. Like for example you watched a movies on your device and the movie was rated ‘M’ and you’re only aloud to watch up to ‘PG’ movies. I know kids don’t like their parents looking but it’s for your own good. Even if you think you do nothing wrong, maybe you by accident. And I know kids don’t like this also because they don’t want them to look into there personal business such as messages. Well most likely your parents aren’t going to look what you have been messaging to others, they will probably just look at who you are messaging. Anyway, altogether I think parents should be able to look at what your doing on your device.

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