High School Science Visit

Last week all our year 6 students were invited to the local high school to see and experience the wonderful opportunities on offer in their science department. The students were able to experience an incredible variety of activities: they tried Minecraft on the computers; they witnessed lungs from a sheep being inflated; they saw rockets being shot into the air; they became part of an electric circuit; they witnessed how silver nitrate reacts with copper under a microscope; they saw robots fighting and firing balls across the room. It was an awesome experience and we have to thank our high school partners for inviting us along.


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One thought on “High School Science Visit

  1. Hi Mr Hope! We are so lucky to have such close and friendly highschool students in our suburb! They are such an inspiration to us. The work and effort they put in and how nice they were. I had a great experience and learnt a lot of new things. When I’m in highschool I hope I’m as nice and inspirational as them.

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