Back To Work

Holidays are awesome! That wonderful, relaxed sensation you get when you know there’s no pressure to get up in the morning is one that all teachers recognise. Sadly, it doesn’t last forever and that screaming, stress inducing buzzer has blasted its way back into our daily lives. However, I did have a pretty good time on our last break: I managed to finish a lingeringly bad part of my scruffy garden; I took my fabulous MGF convertible for a few sunny drives (see below); I had a lovely meal at a rotating rooftop restaurant (can’t recall the name); and I got the results of my Ancestry DNA test. The DNA test was the most exciting, especially considering that, besides being 47% British, I’m 20% Irish, 15% Western European, 7% Scandinavian and 6%Iberian (with a few other bits and bobs). All that fun now seems just a teary, distant memory as we embark on the final term. the final ten weeks of our time with the fabulous students of LA14. This will be very exciting!

3 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Damn, couldn’t there at least be 1% Australian!

  2. Dear Chris,
    I like how you put a good twist on going back to school, and made it sound even worse than it is. I found it pretty funny. Anyways, your summer was very interesting and I had fun learning about it. Thanks for sharing.
    John Wojenski

  3. Thank you, John.
    Yes, coming back probably wasn’t quite as bad as I made out, especially as I’ve got a good group of kids in my class. This is our final term, though, leading up to when we finish the year at Christmas, so it’s going to get pretty hectic!

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