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This is a first for me. For this post I’m giving up the reigns of this blog and I’ve invited a guest blogger to present some of her work. This blogger is no ordinary guest, but none other than our wonderful school leader, Megan! Take it away Megan.

Hi this is Megan!! In class we were told that everyone had to create our own stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is where you use small figures take a photo, move them and take a photo again, this is repeated until you are left with a short, interesting film! I did mine with my two friends; Lily and Carys; and created the cool and interesting film, Snail Love Story! This is why the amazing , Mr Hope, wanted me to be his first guest blogger to show you my animation. This animation is about a boy snail who is sad and a girl snail finds him, falls in love with him, and then mid kiss, gets squished by an big shoe! A broom sweeps her away while the boy snail hides. The boy snail is so sad that he walks off the screen; but that is just what you think until a big shoe squashes him too! He pops back up from his squashed self as a beautiful angel. Along comes his former girlfriend snail and they both float up to heaven. Then it’s just the credits. I bring you, Snail Love Story!

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Well done Megan, Lily and Carys. I loved the film it is very cool and made me smile. It looks and sounds very professional. I have been having a few sneaky peeks this past week at some of the other films made by the class and I’m very impressed. Great work LA14

  2. Hello Megan, Lily and Carys!
    My name is Celeste, and I come from a school in New Zealand, called Ashley primary school. I thought that I would visit your class blog and see what you’re up to, and I’ll be frank with you here. I’m mighty jealous of what you get to do at school! I LOVE your ‘snail love story’, it made my day entirely. You should make more so that I can watch them! You really do have a talent. Maybe you could all become film producers…
    I love writing, so maybe you could turn a piece of my writing into a film! If you want to check out some of my 100 word challenges, here is the link:

    Just look for the name ‘Celeste’, or read anyone’s writing you feel like!

    Cheers, from Celeste.

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