Binary Bracelets

If I was to say 01000011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 you probably wouldn’t know what I was talking about, although I think I’d be more worried if you did, to be honest. Well, I just wrote my name – in binary code. Binary is the basic language of computers and we’ve been looking at it in class. We started by making pictures of our names in binary on Google Drawings, but then we got really creative. We got out the beads, grabbed some elasticated stringy stuff and made some brilliant, binary bracelets. Frustratingly (or humorously, depending on your perspective), a few students had some mishaps and their beads slid off – several times. However, with some plucky persistence we managed to finish (well some did) as you can see in the images below.




2 thoughts on “Binary Bracelets

  1. Hi Emily! Wow your blog posts are so great! I absolutely loved the start of it! Its very funny too. Please do more awesome posts like this!

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