Strange Times

Sometimes things can get so stressful that you feel like just going outside and blowing bubbles – and that’s exactly what we did! This wasn’t idle fun on our part, though, neither was it done to remove the stress of the classroom (not that the wonderful students in LA14 could cause any stress – honest), it was part of a series of lessons on how to find hope, even in the darkest of times. However, we haven’t only been blowing bubbles, we’ve been sawing, drilling, cutting, gluing, painting, sanding and so much more. In fact, considering we’re quite well known for our IT skills, LA14 has had a very hands-on, messy and chaotic couple of weeks. I wonder where I put those bubbles?

2 thoughts on “Strange Times

  1. Mr Hope,
    that looks like fun! will we be doing this?

  2. James, I don’t think we’ll have the time this year.

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