The End!

I know I’m getting older and more and more tired each year, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I find that the time I have to commit to my blog and to keep it updated has decreased almost exponentially each year, and the effort it takes to find the time needed to do it justice and to keep up with my students increases. In my humble opinion, and with a nod to my aging bones, I would really put the blame squarely on the constantly overcrowding of a curriculum already busting at the seams. The sheer number of “professional developments” I’ve attended in this, the final and most packed term of the year, has simply compounded the struggles of a time poor period in which reports, graduation and end of year assessments already compete for sparse pickings.

However, as a professional, this simply means that I need to work smarter, develop even more deeply integrated programmes, look for opportunities and simply try harder. Blogging is such a great educational tool that it’s far too valuable to simply give in and give up. Another year over (and another year older), but I’m already feeling energised, positive and excited about my blog for 2019 and the students who will join me in another year of international relations. Not the end, just a new beginning!

One thought on “The End!

  1. Mr Hope, thank you so much for making the last year of primary school fun, I will definitely remember as 2018 being one of the best years I have been through. I’m not gonna lie high school is going to be scary, but like you said its not the end, its a new beginning. Hopefully this years class will be just as good as ours. You have been an awesome teacher and I’m certain that your new class will just as much love you as we have. Take care! I will visit soon!

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