All Aboard For The ’80s!

As decades go, I’m not sure I would count the 1980’s as one of my particular favourites. It did, I suppose, usher in the start of a great era of music from my home town Manchester (The Smiths in particular), but the rest of the music was very dodgy and as for the fashions, well, don’t get me started. However, the 80’s saw an influx of migrants into Australia from Vietnam following the horrific war of the previous two decades and the cultural make up of Australia changed for good.

Australia’s developing relationship with the USA was a key feature of this era and has been something we’ve been learning about in class. We’ve studied communism and capitalism, the issues behind the Vietnam War, and looked at immigration and fashion. The images below show students hard at work discussing the positives and negatives of the political ideologies, and in costume for our 1980’s assembly item. All in all, last week was like totally rad, man, I think we need to take a chill pill and… Like I said, not my favourite decade!

7 thoughts on “All Aboard For The ’80s!

  1. Mr Hope, that was one of the best assembly’s ever cool idea.

  2. Mr Hope,

    Thank you for letting us wear 80s clothes because my mum and dad have been to so many 80s party’s and I used one of my dad’s old costumes for the assembly .

  3. Dear Mr Hope,

    I had an amazing day and it was a great assembly and everyone looked great.

  4. Mr Hope,

    This was such a fun day.


  5. Yasmin, it was a good day and almost a good assembly.

  6. Liam, of course I’m too young to remember the 1980’s.

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