Timey Wimey

“How much time do you have?” That’s the question I’m going to ask you when you say, “What have you been doing lately?” Well, just to save you a little of that extremely precious and increasingly rare commodity (time, that is), I’ll give you the short version.

We’ve been improving our skills in narrative writing, developing descriptions of character and setting, adding emotion and turning a 10 second moment into a whole narrative. Our understanding of symbolism has also developed immensely and we found a second story hiding inside the obvious one during our viewing of My Place. We’ve looked at 24 hour time and converted time measurements in maths, and we worked hard, fighting the technology, to carry out a survey of TV genres. Some of the students also visited our local high school to get a taste of where they’ll be next year and some of the girls took part in (and won) a footy competition. We’re also about to embark on our first virtual reality tour.

Has that answered your question? Just got time for a cup o’ tea, I reckon (if I’m quick).

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