Who Am I? (Blogging Task #4)

Check out that title! Woah – pretty deep stuff huh? Do any of us really know? It’s a very complex topic; the perception we have of ourselves can often be very different from the perceptions others have of us. All year I’ve been lecturing the students (“Oh no, here he goes again!”) on the values I hold dear, on the principles I live by and the things I stand for and would never compromise. The only way anyone can get a clearer picture of exactly who we are is if we tell them. So, this is where this task comes in. Who are you? What do you stand for? Do you think you’ve developed your ideals and beliefs at all over the year? We’ve completed so many activities and discussions on equality and many other similar topics, but what do you really think?

I want you to really get your teeth into this task; don’t just give a list of things, instead, say what really gets you going, say what you really believe in, tell us all about you and how you want the world to act and behave. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!

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