The Final Countdown

I hate to sound like a typical oldie, but this year has simply flown by. It’s already mid-October and we’re heading into the final term for this crop of year 6 students in LA14. In less than 10 weeks their primary school adventure will come to an end and they’ll fly from the familiar surrounds of this school and head out in different directions on new adventures. Before then, though, we need to squeeze in so much that 10 weeks starts to seem like way too short a time and I’m sure that, just like the year so far, it’s bound to fly past and leave us breathless as we race to try to keep up. This is the most exciting time of the year for our year 6 students and I’m sure this blog will be busy recording their final journey.

One more thing – did you sing the title? If you did then congratulations, you must be a typical oldie like me!

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