A New World

I can still remember it now so clearly despite it being so long ago. The excitement, the buzz, a sense of wonder as the teacher wheeled the television into the room for us to watch an episode of a programme called, “How We Used To Live“. This introduced me to my everlasting love of history. Then came high school. I still recall the day the school got its first computer – the one, the only one that it still had when I left. That, in a nutshell, was my whole educational exposure to technology.

Times have changed a bit since then. Over the first thirteen days of this year the students of LA14 have consistently used technology: they’ve learnt about the importance of maintaining an online presence; they created safe passwords; established their blogs and started using an online production suite; they completed online quizzes; they’ve even created a group podcast and started editing it with editing software. The thing is, though, none of this is done just for the sake of using technology, it’s all used in an educational way. The technology we use in LA14 positively assists students with their work and helps them to develop their own personal online future. Strangely, looking back on my school days I feel they could be from one of those episodes of that programme from my primary school years – it really is a whole new world!

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