Strange Times!

Ever hear the one about the teacher who didn’t have any students? Don’t worry, it isn’t very funny, in fact it’s really quite sad. It’s a very strange situation to be in for all teachers, it goes completely against the reason we all become teachers in the first place – to work with students. However, we know it’s all for a reason and we’re all working hard to find solutions where we can, technology being one of them.

It doesn’t matter how well we teachers think we work with technology, this new environment isn’t the environment we’ve been preparing for. I’ve worked hard over the years to keep myself up to date with current technology and with designing ways to integrate it into the classroom. Not only that, but I’ve made sure I’ve shared my knowledge and experience with anyone who was prepared to listen (and those who weren’t). However, the use of technology is completely dependent on having a teacher in the class. Concepts, ideas, knowledge and skills all have to be introduced, scaffolded, discussed, worked through, all supported and backed up, when necessary, with the technology. It’s an unusual position to be in where we need the technology first before we can do the teaching. However, this is the position we’re in and we’re determined to find solutions, break new ground and make it work. Hopefully, before too long, these times will no longer seem so strange after all.

Below are some photos from just before we all split up.

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