Attack of the Pajooks!

A high pitched scream followed by a giggle erupts from a brightly coloured shape as it bounds, bursting with almost uncontrollable energy, towards its hapless victims. This was Pajook, the feared and dreaded Pajook. This was our first encounter – we hadn’t known what to expect. As it turned out, Pajook day actually went really well (the name being a compound of the two words pajama and book) and the year 6s in LA14 seemed to enjoy reading to their year 1 buddies, despite their uncontrollable energy and excitement. After reading in the sunshine, we took our buddies inside to colour pictures of wild monsters and crazy creatures. You never know, some of them may have even been Pajooks!


3 thoughts on “Attack of the Pajooks!

  1. I love this blog Mr Hope, you inspire me when I read your blog with all the description you do again are very good blog!

  2. Thank you Liv, it’s having great students like you that inspires me!

  3. Hey Mr Hope, in my opinion, handling my buddy was pretty easy, but he was quiet, so, but, I think that having a niece and nephew who are very loud and active is pretty hard, but, I learnt how to manage them. Other than what I said, great post, but what I’d suggest is a bit more length, not by much, only a small amount of words. Anyways, thanks for adding to my vocabulary and enjoyment!

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