Vroom, Vroom!

2021 may have started with a splutter and a misfire but we’re now off and running smoothly with all cylinders firing. The new students have settled in and a great bunch they seem, too, full of enthusiasm, positivity, beaming smiles and a real desire to learn. I’m not one to tempt fate (I know better that) but I think this year is going to be awesome. All our subjects are accelerating steadily and we’ve looked at character studies, place values, decimal addition, The Stolen Generation and we’re even squeezing in an assembly. I think my favourite, though, has been our iPad art, two examples of which you’ll find below. The momentum is gathering as we put the pedal to the metal so if you hear any screeching sounds don’t worry, it’s just us spinning our wheels as we “vroom, vroom’ along!

One thought on “Vroom, Vroom!

  1. Hey, Mr Hope!
    I decided to look at your blog again after a couple of years, and I must say, not much has changed since I left. I remember doing this activity and forgetting to draw on the eyebrows!
    Kind regards,
    Saturn/Finn 🙂

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