Blogging Task #1

“Get yourself sorted out!” Your blog, that is, get your blog sorted out. This week we need to start getting serious with our blogs. What I want to see this week is a new page added, an “About Me” page which explains all the information people may need about you and stays in place permanently. The difference between a page and a post is that a page stays as it is, whereas the posts change each time a new one is added. Next, make sure you’ve deleted any widgets you aren’t going to use and that you’ve added the Class Blogs widget. Finally, I’d like everyone to post a comment on any of my posts from this year and post on the blogs of two other students (not just your besties, though). Keep to our blogging and commenting guidelines, if you don’t the comment will be trashed. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Task #1

  1. I will keep to your blogging & commenting guidelines, Mr Hope.

  2. Woah! Now, this looks so familiar! It’s so funny that I still remember doing this and reading your amazing blog posts, Mr Hope! Thanks for the awesome year last year (*^▽^*) – Grace( That pesky autocorrect)

  3. I will go by the blogging guidelines

  4. Hi Grace, lovely to hear from you. Yes, everything is very familiar, but different at the same time. I change and improve things each year so hopefully this will be another year as good as last year (one of my faves so far). I hope you’re doing well, although I’m sure you’ll do well wherever you go. It’s strange, but I miss my little autocorrect in the classroom (many more mistakes this year).
    Mr Hope

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