Deep Breaths

Sometime you’ve just got to “stop and smell the roses”. An old quote, but one we can all benefit from. Year six can be a real slog, we have so much work to get through and sometimes we have to simply push on and “grin and bear it” (another one). So, for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago, we took the old quote at its word and set off, iPads ready, and followed our noses. All creadit to our gardner, Kevin, we had plenty of opportunities to grab some very cool photos, four of which I’ve added below. It may be a saying, one you’re possibly familiar with, but the message is nonetheless a serious one. The demands on our time and the pressures in our lives can sometimes sneak up on us, and when they do it can often be too late. I know just as much as anyone else, that the need to breathe, to stop for a moment and to take care of ourselves is so strong that we shouldn’t ignore it, not in ourselves or in those we love. Check in with yourself, check in with another, see what’s around you and appreciate the side of life we too often ignore.

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