What Holiday?

When is a holiday not a holiday? When it would’ve been far more relaxing to stay at home and go to work each day! A full seven weeks away from school may sound like bliss, but four weeks of my seven were spent racing across England catching up with all the friends and relatives we haven’t been able to see since the world locked down for Covid. It was great meeting everyone, but racing to Liverpool for lunch, then Manchester for dinner… The three weeks that followed my English break began with me finally succumbing to Covid, although the upside of this was that I had a full three weeks lying flat on my back, recovering from my race across England. Every cloud..! Anyway, LA1 are back together and are ready for term 3. This is going to be a HUGE term and I’m sure we’ll end up feeling like we’re trying to squeeze two term’s worth of work into one. If I thought my so-called holiday was a race…

One thought on “What Holiday?

  1. Wow Mr Hope, that seems super cool!! Love the photos as well!

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