“Teachers Torture Students!”

This week we decided to torture the students! Well that’s what you’d think we did if you listened to them moaning and groaning. In actual fact, they took part in our annual Faction Cross Country competition, a 1.5 kilometre run around the local park next to the school. It was a great day and all the students who took part can be proud of themselves for completing the whole course. In the end, one of our own boys, Christian, took Champion Boy honours for the year 5s – a fabulous achievement. Check out the images below of the students being put through their horrific torture!

One thought on ““Teachers Torture Students!”

  1. Teachers do NOT torture students. Teachers just make students stronger and smarter. Or am I misreading the word torture, it may be a different meaning and the meaning I thought for torture is “beating”. I am not sure but I am giving a lucky guess.

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