Cringey Kids

There are few things more cringe than listening to your own voice. I’m used to it now, especially after working with technology in the classroom for so many years. It was very different for the students, though, as they spent last week editing their first attempts at a podcast. The looks of awkward embarrassment and the sounds of cringey giggles eventually faded as the students got to work honing their editing skills on Audacity. The topic of their podcast was a simple one, they had a little chat about what they thought the word “compassion” means. It was only a short one, but you can check out the example below which was introduced by the very well spoken Charli.


Blogging Task #2 Mental Health

We all need to take care of ourselves! I can’t think of any issue on a personal level more important than our own mental well-being. For too many it’s something that we come to realise mostly when it’s way too late. The problem is that we tend to take good mental health for granted, a bit like a well running car; why tinker with it if it’s all fine? However, to keep running smoothly we need to maintain ourselves, especially during the good times, or one day we may just find ourselves in a big mess.

One way of staying mentally healthy is to make sure we give ourselves time for something we enjoy. My fun little MG F isn’t only my car, it’s my hobby, my interest and a thing that I thoroughly enjoy. Renovating my car ensures I make time just for me, to do something I like and that takes my mind off the pressures of everyday life. This new blogging task is to take a photo of your pastime or hobby and post it as a new header with an explanation of what it means to you. How does your hobby make you feel? Does it give you space and time alone? How long have you been doing it? If you don’t have a hobby, how do you find time for yourself to relax? How do you help yourself feel good?

Weighting Around

It’s hard to believe, but the students in LA1 have some awesome superpowers. Just like Superman, they’ve been able to use glue sticks that weigh as much as 500 grams and kick soccer balls that weigh 3 kilograms. Well, that’s what they thought they were doing until we started hefting and estimating this week. Just like I remember my old Maths teacher telling us about calculators, we aren’t always able to carry scales around with us in our pockets (watch this one come back to haunt me). This means that the ability to estimate the weight of an object is a very important and practical skill. The students had a go at hefting and estimating the weight of a collection of objects, then we weighed them as a class to see how good our original skills were. The sad result from this is that the students lost their superpowers; no longer are they able to use their 500 gram glue sticks or kick 3 kilogram soccer balls. The photos below are of the students working to post a write up of their learning on their blogs.

A Rich Class

“Australia – best in the world!” I’ve heard this so many times since I emigrated 23 years ago, and this week we had a wonderful example of how true this statement can be. We’re so rich and privileged here in LA1 and we were able to flaunt our wealth to the whole community this week when we sang a song all about celebrating diversity. You see, LA1 is a mix of all religions and none at all, cultures and traditions from so many backgrounds, families from India, Singapore, Macedonia, England, Hungary (and many more) all working and playing together in one small classroom. No, we didn’t sing about wealth, but our riches were in view for everyone to see.

Blogging Task #1

“Get yourself sorted out!” Your blog, that is, get your blog sorted out. This week we need to start getting serious with our blogs. What I want to see this week is a new page added, an “About Me” page which explains all the information people may need about you and stays in place permanently. The difference between a page and a post is that a page stays as it is, whereas the posts change each time a new one is added. Next, make sure you’ve deleted any widgets you aren’t going to use and that you’ve added the Class Blogs widget. Finally, I’d like everyone to post a comment on any of my posts from this year and post on the blogs of two other students (not just your besties, though). Keep to our blogging and commenting guidelines, if you don’t the comment will be trashed. Have fun!

Back For Round 2

Term 1 was hectic! It wasn’t that long ago, but it now feels like a hazy, distant memory that went by in a crazy blur. However, looking forward I think term 2 will actually be much worse. We’ve got so much to squeeze in this term that, like many teachers around the world, I fully expect that we won’t reach all the targets we set for ourselves. In week 3 we’ll be starting almost two weeks of swimming lessons and these will take nearly two hours a day out of the timetable; time well spent, though as swimming is a lifesaving skill here in Western Australia. Regardless of what happens, LA1 will keep on keeping on and we’ll make term 2 another great experience.

“Teachers Torture Students!”

This week we decided to torture the students! Well that’s what you’d think we did if you listened to them moaning and groaning. In actual fact, they took part in our annual Faction Cross Country competition, a 1.5 kilometre run around the local park next to the school. It was a great day and all the students who took part can be proud of themselves for completing the whole course. In the end, one of our own boys, Christian, took Champion Boy honours for the year 5s – a fabulous achievement. Check out the images below of the students being put through their horrific torture!

Long Time No See!

This school year has been like no other! In fact, we’re starting week eight and I’m pretty sure that this is only my third post for the year so far, very bad by my standards. The goal for the rest of the year will be to put this right and get all the students going with their own blogs.

This week has been the final one of the dreaded NAPLAN testing season. Standardised testing seems to be something that many governments like to establish and we are certainly no exception to that. However, with this over and (fingers crossed) much of our technology up and running we may see a tiny iota of normality returning to LA1 – whatever “normal” actually is.

Oh My Word!

Yes, I know, I say this a LOT, but it seems even worse this year. I just can’t get a grip on the way time slips easily from our grasp and disappears before our eyes. It’s week 5 and this is only the second time I’ve managed to post this term. Partly, though, I’ve had a good excuse – we’ve been very busy! The students have had to go through the usual start of year testing, on top of all the usual work we’ve been getting through. We’ve started a novel study (Mr Stink by David Walliams) and gotten to grips with a whole new suite of techy apps (this needed a big password overhall too). We’ve been working through our HASS studies on democracy and have begun our Indonesian language work. Maths is going well and the students had a mini excursion to the car park to check out rotational symmetry on the teachers’ wheels (and I forgot to take the photos I was going to post here). All in all it’s been a crazy rush, but I think we may nearly be ready to see a little normality appearing over the horizon – if there is such a thing.

Secret Students

“Who was that masked superhero we just saw?” Well, they’re not exactly superheroes but the new students in LA1 will certainly soon be masked. As part of our online safety learning the students have been busy making masks to cover their identity. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be showing their faces online, of course they will, but the masks are a visual symbol, a message of intent that they will be keeping their full identities safe and private. We’re still at the begining of our 2023 journey and we haven’t yet begun our blogs, but creating the masks is our first step before the students finally go “live” in a few weeks. Check out the three masks below.