This is a new podcast on The Stolen Generation, a very sensitive and important historical topic for many Australians. The tone of this podcast was more formal than previous ones, given that the students have to use language in a variety of situations. This was a tough task, but the students gave it a really good go. A lot of this podcast was read from a text, but the way the students directed it through their use of language was very good.



This is our second attempt at creating a podcast. This is just a practice, like the first one, but the students did so well winging it that I thought I’d still post it. It’s also to remind me how this process is done.


Podcast Trial

Today we had a go at creating a podcast using Garage Band on the iPad. As the title to this post suggests, it was just a trial, unrehearsed and limited to 60 seconds. It was created simply to see if it was possible, and to figure out what we had to do to successfully publish a podcast. Nevertheless, the girls had great fun (as you will hear) and it seems to have all worked well.