Blogging Task #7

Well, this one’s a little bit different. This time I want you to do a review (yes, again), but this time an oral review. Think of a product you currently use, one very relevant for your age group that other people may be thinking about using. It could be a hair product, hygiene product, make-up or hair product, technology application, that you are currently using or have just begun to use. You then need to produce an oral review, lasting 60 seconds or less, that includes a description of the product and a score out of 10. I expect you to give reasons for your rating, be them positive or negative. Think of this as a public service infomercial, the type of which you can find easily on You-tube. I have posted two videos on Edmodo, the “Homework Help” page, for you to watch. Both are from people describing, testing and rating a product.

When you have written your review you will need to record it and present it via Voki before posting it on your blog. If you feel you are a natural, then you can try and record it in one go, without the writing; this is a genuine oral activity. I am looking for useful information, a good description, an honest rating and, above all, a relaxed, friendly and natural style of speaking, NOT a formal style. Have fun.

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