QR Code Maths Test

Today we had an end of term maths test and the students were absolutely thrilled. Yes, it does sound a little weird, but this was a test with a difference. Half the test was a conventional one, written on paper, but the other half was made using QR codes. If you’re not sure what a QR code is just scroll down this page and you’ll see ours in the right column (a square thing with squiggly patterns on the inside). They require a QR code reader which our amazing library officer Ms Higgs installed for us on the iPads. I created a number of QR codes which had maths problems on them that appeared when scanned. These had to be answered by the students before racing around the school to find the next code. Some of the answers to the codes gave clues to the next destination and the students had to use their maths knowledge to work them out. It was quite a task to create the test but the enthusiasm of the students made it all worthwhile. Thanks to Mr Avery for the inspiration (see link on “School Blogs”). Click on the photos to see them full sized.

QR 2QR 3Ritihia


3 thoughts on “QR Code Maths Test

  1. Dear Mr.Hope,
    It was sort of funny because some people towards the start thought it was a race. Thanks for making maths fun. YAY!

  2. Pharyn, yes, I think they did sort of get the wrong idea. Anyway, it helped make it more fun for them, so it was fine by me. I’m glad and a bit relieved you enjoyed it, it makes all the hours and hours and hours of hard work worth it.

  3. Mr. Hope, best day ever the best one was the one near the conference room, question 8 and 9, it took half an hour for some people to finally figure it out, but once they got it it looked really basic!

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