Interview With A Teacher

This week our incredible Art specialist, Ms Sveinbjornsson, gave an in-depth interview to our very own budding reporter Ritihia (aka Rii Rii). The finished product, which can be heard below, is the culmination of a process of trial and error which occurred over the last couple of years. If you’re interested in the techie bits of that process and how we came to this final, quality product check out the previous post, The Podcast’s Evolved, below. The great thing about this (apart from Rii Rii’s awesome interview skills and Ms Sveinbjornsson’s openness) is that I had no part in the process – Rii Rii did it all herself, from start to finish. Have a listen to what I hope is the first in a series of Chatting With Rii Rii interviews.


8 thoughts on “Interview With A Teacher

  1. Hi Mr Hope could you put the new questions for Mr Stink on drive so I can do it at home please.
    Thanks Phaz

  2. All done! Sorry it was a bit late, I’ve been helping my daughter pack for a holiday in England. Don’t work too hard

  3. I loved doing this interview with Miss Svein. I found things out about her that I never could have imagined

  4. Wow! Ritihia is a natural podcaster (if that’s even a word). Her music and her confidence really shines out, and it’s really interesting to listen to.
    Aimee 🙂

  5. I LOVE the music – it sounds really professional and natural (thanks for the word, Aimee)! I also like the how Ritihia just gets to the point and says it as it is – Well Done Ritihia (and Miss Sveinbjornsson) for making this an interesting podcast to listen to!!

  6. Rii Rii, I’m so pleased that you did it. Everyone I’ve played it to has been impressed with your ability. You totally understood when to remain quiet and allow the interviewee to speak, and you were able to include extra questions if something interesting was said that could be explored further. I’m so proud of your efforts; I can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Thanks everybody. I’m really glad that you guys to listen to listen to it (Aimee and Demi). Thank you for the compliments and I can’t wait to listen to your ones.

  8. Thanks to Ritihia and Mr Hope for giving me the honour of being the ‘Chosen One’, that’s a Harry Potter reference for anyone who loves the books as much as me. I was very impressed with Ritihia’s relaxed and confident approach to the interview and her questions which really got me thinking. I have to agree with Aimee and I think we might have a future broadcaster here! Apologies for my late post, I did post much earlier but it appears that my iPad thwarted my efforts and didn’t seem to send through any of my comments.

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