Special Visitors

Last week we were very lucky to have some special guests visit the school. On Friday a group of ten students were selected from our class (by our wonderful Art teacher Miss Svein) to take part in an art workshop with Aboriginal artist, Troy Bannell. Troy uses art to express and educate others about his culture and the Aboriginal heritage of Australia.

We also had a visit from the ex-Wildcats basketball player, Tom Jervis. Sadly Tom transferred to Brisbane this year following a great career at the Wildcats which included two premierships. Our awesome Phys. Ed. teacher, Mr Jones, invited him along to run a basketball clinic with the students and they had a fabulous time.

We’re very lucky to have such excellent specialists who are constantly looking to provide stimulating educational experiences for our students.



One thought on “Special Visitors

  1. Mr Hope, Friday was really cool how we got to meet the basketball player. He was huge (tall) compared to everyone there and made Ryan and Mr Jones look small. Ryan was about up to his shoulders, and I was a little bit under his shoulders. I didn’t get to go to the art thing but it sounded really cool. I’m guessing he’s some kind of famous artist. When everyone came back they had a smile on there face and were saying how cool it was.

    – Kyza

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