Easter Break

Some of the best posts are the ones written about what we do in our spare time or on holidays. Well, the students this time have put me to shame as they’ve been blogging like crazy about their Easter break. So this post is a little about my own Easter break.

I had an awesome time catching up with my brother and his family for his birthday up in the hills. They’ve got a beautiful place overlooking the countryside and we had a fun, relaxing time. I also went to the new Perth Stadium to watch Fremantle Dockers win their first home game of the new season. Finally, I fitted a new green soft top to my beloved MGF. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was (it took me 2 days), but the result is worth it. Check out my pics below. While you’re here, have a look at these awesome holiday blogs: Emily, Isabelle, Kori, Louise, Imani, Tahlia.


Perth Stadium

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  1. Wow Mr Hope, that sounds like an awesome long weekend!

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