So Close!

Who said starting a blog is easy? Well, to be honest it actually is, which is why I’ve been using blogs for more years than I care to say here. The tricky thing, particularly as an educator with responsibility for my students, is to not simply have students start a blog, but start one successfully and with the knowledge behind them to help keep themselves safe online. Blogs are such fabulous tools for so many learning areas that I reckon there’s a solid argument to make them compulsory. However, one of the most important aspects of blogs is the real life experiences the students gain in online safety. By using blogs, students learn to keep themselves safe, keep their details safe, keep their activities and locations private and develop strategies to use for life. This is pretty much where we are. The students have been looking at safety, at the rules they need to know and at how to write good posts (see photo’s below). They’re close, really close, but best to be safe before I let them loose online. Keep watching, it won’t be long!

Olivia and Erin

Liam and Owen

Ellen and Evie


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