This week the students in LA19 began working on Meccano construction sets. The educational values in such activities are tremendous: students develop cooperation and problem solving skills, gain practical, hands on construction experience, read, interpret and follow instructions and develop and utilise their oral language skills. Also, as an obvious added bonus, they have a lot of fun!

Tea, Blake and Bianca

Tristan, Jackson and Callen

Banknote Project

Monika’s Cover Page

This term the students have been developing their research skills through a project on Australian Banknotes. The topic was chosen because it lends itself to several levels and aspects of research. It’s interesting once you start looking closely at your national currency just how much there is to find out. There are the obvious faces, but there are also many images which are in the designs that we never get to see unless we take a really close look. There are also many security features on the notes that we just assume are part of a fancy pattern. The students learned to find simple factual information and also how to research the historical figures used on the notes in detail. The project showed us the type of people are regarded as being respected enough to be included as national representatives on the Australian currency.

We had some very good projects and some of the students learned just how tricky it can be to complete a whole research task to a high standard.

Facts on the $20 & $50

LA 19 Explorers

Young Scientists

This week all the year 6 & 7 students, including us from LA19, went on an excursion to Kings Park Rio Tinto Naturescape. The students enjoyed all the different activities such as walking barefoot through the creek, climbing the towers, getting tangled in the ropes and building cubbies. It was a wonderful chance for the students to enjoy getting close to nature and experiencing the type of outdoor activities they rarely get to do. Following this the students took part in scientific investigations into wetlands, the creatures that exist in and around them and the importance of wetlands to a healthy biodiversity. The science was completely hands on and thouroughly enjoyable and educational. Thanks to the great staff at Kings Park and to Mrs. Bartucciotto for her excellent organisation.


Watch out for crocs!


All Tangled Up


The class has produced some excellent claymation movies this term. In addition to producing the claymation on computer, they also created their own music on Garage Band with iPads and added it to their movies. Here are two great examples. Well done Jasmine, Ashleigh and Dom.