Kings Park Excursion and End of Term – Phew!

I think, for me, term 1 was one of the quickest I’ve ever had. I’m not sure why (perhaps I’m getting old and just can’t keep up anymore), but it may have had something to do with it also being one of the busiest terms I’ve ever had. Looking back I’m quite astounded that we managed to start and finish all the activities and projects in just a short ten weeks.

We discussed, planned and organised a geography walk around the suburb to help us develop an understanding of how we measure the livability of an area (some of the resulting in-depth project work was very mature). We learnt about the study of history and then completed the first part of our history studies by researching the Romans (yes, there’s more to come). We studied so many topics in maths that it would be impossible to mention them here, suffice to say that even with a busy timetable the students still claimed that all we did was maths. Our English included persuasive writing and narratives, both in part due to our NAPLAN preparation, and also spelling (“No, not spelling!”). It was the first time some of the students had used a saw and a drill and they overcame their fears and doubts to create a fabulous “surprise” gift for Mothers’ Day. We made several amazing artworks and integrated technology with blogs, art, podcasts and QR codes. Even cricket and basketball tournaments were squeezed in along the way with a music project on top. All this whilst working around a myriad of interruptions that seemed designed to throw us off track. We were lucky enough to finish off the term with an educational excursion to Kings Park which Abbey explains beautifully on her blog in her post entitled Naturescape Excursion (also check out Kianne, Blake, Aimee and Georgia).

All I can say is, “Well done LA19!” We all deserve our well earned 2 weeks off and you can all be proud of your efforts this year so far. I’ll keep posting here and checking your blogs, so keep posting, but remember to stay safe.


5 thoughts on “Kings Park Excursion and End of Term – Phew!

  1. Thank you Mr Hope for a brilliant term of learning and assignments! I can’t wait to see what other things we will be doing in History next term and hopefully NAPLAN will be a breeze because of all the things we’ve learnt so far from you. Thank you for being an awesome teacher Mr Hope!

    Abbey 😉

  2. Abbey, you are way too generous. I don’t know if term two will be as busy, what with NAPLAN and swimming to get through, but I’m sure we’ll find something interesting to do with our time.

  3. Mr. Hope, Thank you for that term but at the end of the old term we will turn up on the first day during Maths or English swearing that we did not do any of those things that your teaching us, as you recall from last year.

  4. Dear Mr Hope, I think did something to my blog and now my other posts has disappeared!

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