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We may be on holiday, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped several students from maintaining their efforts on their blogs. I have to admit that Aarlyah, Abbey, Georgia, Aimee and Ritihia have put me to shame by posting way more than I have and they’re all well worth checking out. Also, in a “blast from the past”, one of my students from last year, Holly, has been putting in such an effort with her second year of blogging that she also deserves a bit of recognition. As for myself, I am stuck way up here in Kalbarri with limited wi-fi, so it’s a little tricky. However, here’s a photo of me kayaking and a one of my campsite and caravan which (sadly) has a couple of bags full of English and Maths books inside. Yes, poor me!


16 thoughts on “Holiday Blogging

  1. Mr Hope,
    You are so lucky to be camping in Kalbarri we usually go for Easter but apparently not this year! It looks like you’re having a great time apart from marking our school books of course!

    Abbey 🙂

  2. Abbey, we’ve been coming here for about 8 years and as much as we love it I think this will be our last time for quite a while. As for the books, well that’s just part of being such a caring, conscientious, professional, hard working and dedicated teacher (that wasn’t too much was it?).

  3. You are so lucky camping away at Easter, last I went camping and I loved it but my sisters didn’t! It was kind of hard to pack the right clothing though because it was boiling in the day and frezing at night.

  4. I think you went a little over board there Mr Hope! Your holiday has sounded like it has been verry eventfull! Happy Easter!

  5. Mr Hope,
    I would say you are all of those things, so no not too much! Happy Easter!

    Abbey xx

  6. Marking school books! Not me. I’m onto my tenth chocolate bunny. I am going to see if there is a Guinness Book of records for the most Easter Eggs eaten in one day. I think I could break it. Don’t work too hard Mr Hope because if I keep going the way I’m going you are going to have to use your carpentry skills to widen LA18’s door when you return!

  7. hope you are enjoying the holiday happy easter

  8. Sarah, it started off warm day and night up here, but now it’s freezing at night. Like you said – tricky!

  9. Aarlyah, a happy Easter to you, too.

  10. Mrs Boylan, we’re LA19. We have the saws and we have a drill. Can we do it? Yes we can! Don’t eat too many eggs, though, you know how hyper you get after too much sugar.

  11. Too late Mr Hope, too late. AHHHHHHHHHH
    Wooooooohoooooo. Roll on Term 2. I suggest LA19 you secure those adjoining doors nice and tight.

  12. Mr. Hope, I have been so angry this holidays because my old computer broke and now I have a laptop that is my first time trying it out today…. So I am enjoying everything going back to normal! Have a great holiday!

  13. Thank you Mr. Hope,
    I hope you are having a good time in Kalbarri.
    I have been there once before and it is a nice place, I also loved sitting in Kalbarri’s ‘Natures Window’ it is a good spot for photos and to look at a lot of Kalbarri! Have fun on your holiday!

  14. Holly, thanks, I had a pretty good time, but after 7 years to the same place that was the last time for quite a while. Great work with your blog, especially trying to get others some views and for congratulating Georgia. Yours is really taking off again, mostly down to your great style and your way of blogging on many different topics (especially your beauty and health tips). Well done!

  15. Michael, I can imagine that losing your computer would be a huge problem for you. I glad you are back to normal. Enjoy your last few days.

  16. The trip must have been fun (except for the maths and English books).

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