Parliament House

Last week the school leaders were invited to Parliament House by our local state member Paul Miles. The students had a fabulous day, looking around the historic building and learning some new facts about our democratic history. We had a sumptuous three course lunch with a fabulous starter, a delicious main course and a sweet and tasty dessert, which left us all feeling like we were ready to burst. We met the state premier and got filmed by the television cameras. All up, it was a wonderful day to remember.









The annual fortnight of swimming is upon us which means our usual timetable has taken a dive. Not that we’re going to complain; following a very intense run up to our NAPLAN testing, including a week of the tests themselves, a break from the serious business of school life comes just at the right time. Learning to swim is also an essential life skill, especially for a nation that enjoys spending their long hot summers at the beach or in the backyard pool. All in all, even though term two is pretty mixed up, it’s still going swimmingly!

Goggle Eyed

Goggle Eyed

And Finally…

Finally, the waiting’s over! Mothers’ Day has finally been and gone. Until it was over and the gifts were delivered I couldn’t post the final instalment of the surprise the students had been making for their mums. If you’ve been following us you’ll remember how they’d been sawing and drilling some wood to make their gift. Well, the results were awesome and the lucky mums received their hand made candle holders last Sunday. They’d been sanded, waxed with an antique coloured wax and then polished to create that final sheen. The photo’s below show two examples of the fabulous, finished products. I’m sure you’ll agree, they did a great job.



Follow Up!

We’ve been doing so many things over the last few weeks that I’ve not managed to post everything. So, to remedy that this is a very short follow up to a couple of our more arty activities.

Our Mothers’ Day surprise (getting less surprising all the time!) started with the students measuring and sawing some wood before drilling a hole in it.  I posted some pictures of the drilling, but the sawing seemed to pass me by, so below is a picture of Benn being helped by Aimee and Jerry. The students worked in groups of three for safety and took the precaution of wearing face masks to protect them from the dust.

Another activity I haven’t caught up with was our fabulous watercolour painting (you can read the explanation of the activity in a previous post). The results were awesome and I’ve included Jonny’s and Abbey’s pictures below. Click on the images to view them full size.

SawingJonny ArtAbbey Art

Mothers’ Day Surprise?

The students have been busy making a surprise gift for Mothers’ Day out of blocks of wood. Well, I say “surprise”, but due to the excited nature of a number of the students this is rapidly becoming a defunct adjective. Not that I can blame them, for many this is the first time they’ve used saws and drills to make something out of wood and the enthusiasm has been high. Some have been a little unsure about the drilling part, but they’re all pushing themselves forward in order to complete their “not-so-surprising” Mothers’ Day gift. Click on the images for the full sized version.

Caitlin DrillingWilliam DrillingSarah Drilling