Podcast Trial

Today we had a go at creating a podcast using Garage Band on the iPad. As the title to this post suggests, it was just a trial, unrehearsed and limited to 60 seconds. It was created simply to see if it was possible, and to figure out what we had to do to successfully publish a podcast. Nevertheless, the girls had great fun (as you will hear) and it seems to have all worked well.


Monkey Mia Take 2

After trying (very unsuccessfully) to post a movie from my iPhone I finally had to go back to my computer and do it the hard way. I sent the movie from my phone to Dropbox, then uploaded it to the online file conversion site Zamzar, and finally downloaded the converted file from the link in my email. Anyway, I hope this works. I changed the format to mp4 so it should play on most computers. Just click the link below and it will take you to another page with the link on its own. Click again and wait for the movie to start. It’s only 26 seconds long but it’s quite a large file so it may take a few seconds. Be patient and keep your fingers crossed!

Monkey Mia MP4

Monkey Mia 2 Avi


Monkey Mia

We had a drive out to Monkey Mia today and it was very enjoyable.We set off at 5.00am, but straight away we hit trouble; we ran into fog so thick we could only just see the white lines and kangaroos were darting in front of the car. In the dark and the fog we could easily have hit one, but luckily we didn’t. Anyway, here’s a short video with the dolphins that came in for a free fishy feed.

Well, the video was supposed to be here, but as I’m trying to do this on my iPhone and iPad it gets a little complicated. I will try and figure it out, especially as I would like to work out how to be able to use these devices for blogging. It may be that it’s the wrong file format, but I can’t change that til I get my computer. Anyway, I will check it out. Fingers crossed!

Edublogs App

Okay, following my seriously unsuccessful attempts to use the Edublogs App (and moaning about it for not working) I have now got it sorted. Whilst I was already signed in I thought I would try signing out and signing back in again. It worked! Now all the features which were supposed to be there ARE there. I’m going to try again to post a photo so wish me luck!


On Holiday

This post is a personal one, and also a bit of a test for myself. Seeing as we’re off school for two weeks I’ve come up to Kalbarri for a bit of a break. However, that also means I don’t have my wireless or computer so I’m doing all my posts and comments from my iPhone.

I’d have to admit that I don’t find the Edublogs App very easy to use. In fact, having installed it on my iPhone and tried to use it I am extremely put off by the level of complexity. I’m not sure how the images on the examples on the app store are supposed to be relevant but, no matter how hard I try I simply cannot get it to link to my blog. I am logged in with passwords etc. but I just keep getting frozen screens and links to the website. Non of the navigation or tools that are shown on the instructions appear, even when I click on the icon shown in the same instructions. I just get a link to My Sites which then tells me I don’t have rights! VERY frustrating and disappointing.

Ah well, I am still going to try and post this with a photo, so fingers crossed. Kalbarri is great, as usual, even though there’s not much to do. I guess it’s perfect for relaxing and building my energy back up so I’m ready to face the students for another term! Here’s a photo of Kalbarri – I hope!

Well, the photo proved too difficult for the iPhone app to figure out. I will keep trying, just don’t hold your breath. From the frustrated and annoyed (can you tell?) teacher of LA19!