Performing Arts

This week we had a visit from the local senior college who brought their performing arts students to display their amazing skills. The acts were incredible and left our students enthusiastically chatting about it for days afterwards. I’m not going to write about it myself, instead I’ll leave you to read about it on the students’ blogs.

A big “Thank You” to our music teacher, Mr Millar for organising the visit.

Blogging Task #2

Doctor Who, glass art, the conflicts in the Ukraine, teenage self image, computer games, family visits and cricket. Who said the youth of today hasn’t the depth or quality of previous generations? If this sample of week 1 blog topics are anything to go by then the students of LA19 have got their collective fingers firmly on the pulse. In contrast, this latest blogging task is a bit of fun.

Some song lyrics, for whatever reason, strike a chord in our minds and end up having an impact, or at least stay in our memory. This line from Big Country’s hit In A Big Country has always stayed in my mind:

“I’m not expecting to grow flowers in the dessert,

But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime.”

I’ve never been a particular fan of their music, but when I first heard these lines they just made such an impact they’re still in my mind. Maybe it was because they convey a message that I can totally relate to, almost like a personal, laid back philosophy (it feels like I should have ended that sentence with, “man”). Other songs have stuck, too, but these lyrics are more meaningful than most. The task for LA19 this time is to tell the world about a song or some lines from a song that, for whatever reason, have stayed with you. What are the words? What do they mean to you?

I look forward to your completed tasks.

Music, Drama and Dance

Today we had the Performing Arts students from Wanneroo Secondary College entertain us with their amazing range of talents. The performances were fabulous and ranged from dance troupes to soloists and really highlighted the opportunities available to talented youngsters at Wanneroo Secondary College. A big thanks to Mr. Millar for helping to organise this event for us.