Back To Work

This week sees the beginning or term 2 and this is a great time for those students who have been a little sluggish with their blogging to get themselves up to speed with the others. Blogging in LA19 isn’t something we do only if we feel like it, it’s a serious addition to the routine classwork as well as an opportunity for those students who wish to really develop their English skills.

By now you should all have a stable theme with a copyright free header and background. If you don’t you will need to get creative with a camera. Take a creative photo and use it to enhance and personalise your background or header. Widgets are next! You should at least have Pages, Recent Posts, Clustr Map and Text; the Text widget should have a personal introduction. One of the pages you create must be an “About Me” page with content. Finally, your blog needs recent content and you should post a comment on at least 3 other blogs (not just your close friends’ blogs). If you’ve done all this, then search out someone who hasn’t and work with them til they are up to date. Deadline – THIS WEEK! As an extra, those who finish need to find a blog from overseas (check with me first) and post a polite comment.

Your blogs have already been graded for the first term and these grades will become a serious part of the year’s assessment.

2 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Mr Hope,
    I’m not quite sure what to write as an introduction on the Text widget. Is it all about my interests or about what my blog is about/my topics?

    Abbey 🙂

  2. Abbey, it should just be a pleasant introduction to your blog. You can see mine at the top of my left column.

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